Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Hi lovelies! Welcome back! I know that when I first started using makeup I remember watching girls on youtube create these amazing smokey eyes and I could never figure out how! With a lot of practice  and countless hours of determination I think I have finally mastered my perfect smokey eye. The key I have learned is to blend, blend, blend, and when you think you're done, blend again. Having a good blending brush is key. Also having good eyeshadows to blend out is important. I personally have just found my new favorite eyeshadows and they are Morphe and Makeup Geek. Both are super pigmented, super blendable, and super smooth. Morphe at ($2) and Makeup Geek at ($6) a piece are super affordable, and you get such bang for your buck. You can buy them individually and stick them in a Z Palette. I hope you enjoy and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Products I Used:
Scotch Tape
Brushes Used:

***all products have been purchased by me and all opinions are that of my own***

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